Environmental Events in Ahmedabad
Halla Bol Pyar Se
Unique & ongoing initiative to ensure shopkeepers and residents follow the right method to dispose of the waste. All the Catch Foundation Volunteers visit the shops and homes of the area targeted and explain them the right methods to keep the surrounding clean.
Prabhat Feri
Early Morning Drive initiated by Catch Volunteers to check and clean the surroundings. Plastic bags & waste is collected before the rainy season to ensure rain water reaches the ground.
Green Walk
Conducted every week to keep an eye on all the plants planted and monitor the plantenance process to ensure the quality and survival ratio.
Smart Street
Various activities like Nukkad Natak, Drawing & Painting competition, Garba etc is conducted on streets to spread awareness for all the Focus Areas like Plantenance, SMART Family and Say No To Single-Use Plastic.

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