Gujarat Technical University - Ayurvedic Park
Gujarat Technical University - Ayurvedic Park
Ahemdabad, Gujrat
CATCH Foundation has initiated a project in collaboration with Gujarat Technical University (GTU), specifically at the location of GTU - Ayurvedic - Vishvakarma. The primary objective of the project is to transform barren land into a dense Miyawaki forest, employing the Catch Van Sanrakshan Pranali (CATCH Forest Conservation System). This endeavor is supported by Gujarat Technical University as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. The CATCH Foundation team is actively involved in the implementation of the project, including the planting and maintenance of the forest at GTU - Ayurvedic - Vishvakarma. The commitment spans over a period of three years, emphasizing the long-term sustainability and growth of the newly established dense forest.
Started in
Mar 2021
Trees planted
Area covered
0.11 hectares.
Project Status
Site preparation for plantation
Sep 2019-Sep 2023
Trees planted
neem, Ambo, Amla, Arjun, Badam, Bakaneem, Banyan Tree, Bauhania, Bor, Chandni, Ficus Religiosa, Goras Ambali, Gulmohar, Jack Fruit, Jamun, Kadam, Kamini, Kanji, Karanj, Kashid, Kesudo, Koner (Karan), Lemon, Mahuva, Mango, Petro Farm, Rain tree, Sag, Shetur, Sisso, Woodapple, babul
Site Manager
Sanjay Desai
Project Supervisor
Project Partners
Catch Foundation collaborated with following partners for enabling and sponsoring this dense forest.
Gujarat Technical University, Ahmedabad
Project Updates
MARCH 2021
JULY 2023
22 Apr 2021
Activity: Watering
31 Apr 2021
Activity: Watering
7 May 2021
Activity: Watering
15 May 2021
Activity: Watering
22 May 2021
Activity: Watering
7 Jun 2021
Activity: Watering
22 Jun 2021
Activity: Digging
22 Aug 2021
Activity: Cleaning weed
Project Impact
Growing trees is one of the best way to tackle climate change and make our surrounding healthier and better.
Carbon Captured
1 tree captures 25 kg of carbon in a year. Our dense forest with 608 trees can capture over 15,200 kg in a year.
Temperature control
1 grown tree prevents 15,000 litre of water from washing away. Forest directly improves ground water recharge of city.
Water conservation
1 grown tree prevents 15,000 litre of water from washing away. Forest directly improves ground water recharge of city.
Project Media
From people around the area
Global warming is a serious topic and very few organisation have been doing something sustainable about it. I am happy to be associated and contribute to the Catch Foundation's action plan. We have been positively taking proactive action to preserve nature and make sustainable change to our surrounds. I congratulate Catch Foundation in its efforts. Thank you providing the opportunity.
Tarini Kanta Sarma

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In case of any queries regarding starting a plantation drive, donating for trees, CSR contributions or any other opportunity to work together please write to us on [email protected].
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